Exploring Arthur Ransome’s Lake District is available now in both iBook and Kindle versions.

Both versions contain almost 150 colour photos and two maps. Inevitably it’s a fairly substantial download and you may well want to wait until you have a good Wifi connection. Naturally the book is best viewed on a full-colour device and preferably on a good-sized screen.
If you have a choice between iBook and Kindle, I recommend the iBook version as I had much more freedom in designing the book for this platform. In my opinion the best viewing experience is on an iPad or a Mac.

Exploring Arthur Ransome’s Lake District is developed from a hardback calledArthur Ransome’s Lake District, which was published by Halsgrove books. Copies may still be available from the publisher’s website at full price (£14.99) but you can probably find it cheaper by searching online.

ransomelgePlease note I can’t supply copies of the hardback or the ebook direct. Please follow the links above to obtain copies.

For information about other books I have published see my Amazon page.

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