About the Book

Exploring Arthur Ransome’s Lake District is available now in both iBook and Kindle versions.

Both versions contain almost 150 colour photos and two maps. Inevitably it’s a fairly substantial download and you may well want to wait until you have a good Wifi connection. Naturally the book is best viewed on a full-colour device and preferably on a good-sized screen.

If you have a choice between iBook and Kindle, I recommend the iBook version as I had much more freedom in designing the book for this platform. In my opinion the best viewing experience is on an iPad or a Mac.

Exploring Arthur Ransome’s Lake District is developed from a hardback calledArthur Ransome’s Lake District, which was published by Halsgrove books. Copies are available online , search for Arthur Ransome’s Lake District, add my name for greater specificity.

The text of the the ebooks is mostly the same as the hardback, but the photos are almost all different. Those in the hardback are pre-digital but for the ebooks I could take advantage of the greater flexibility of digital cameras.

ransomelgePlease note I can’t supply copies of the hardback or the ebook direct.

For information about other books I have published see my Amazon page.

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