About the Author

As the book will tell you, Jon Sparks first read Swallows and Amazons at the age of nine and has returned to it, and the rest of Arthur Ransome’s ‘lake country’ books, at regular intervals ever since.


Jon is an award-winning photographer and writer specialising in landscape, travel and outdoor pursuits, especially walking, climbing and all varieties of cycling. He’s authored guidebooks for all of these as well as travel guides to Finland and the Baltic – which gave him opportunities to visit locations that were pivotal in Ransome’s life.

He lives in Lancashire and is a regular visitor to the Lake District, especially Ransome country.

For more information and lots more images, see www.jon-sparks.co.uk

Jon is on Facebook. He’s also on Twitter both personally and professionally.

There is also a dedicated Facebook page for Exploring Arthur Ransome’s Lake District.


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